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Bharat Bio Nourish

Bharat Bio Nourish is the first-of-its-kind liquid organic fertilizer made from cow dung which is ‘Black Gold’ for the plants. It is a fermented culture of Bio Gas slurry made up of cow dung and cow’s urine. After decomposition, slurry is filtered through micro filters then it is enriched with beneficiary microbes. The decomposed slurry is naturally very rich in organic carbon, humic acid, fulvic acid and amino acids.


Bharat CS

Bharat CS is a bio- fertilizer containing mixture of live microbes having Azotobacter(N), Phosphorus bacteria(P), Potassium bacteria(K), which helps in enhancing the soil fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen, mobilizing potash, solubilizing phosphate and decomposing organic waste and there by producing plant growth substances.


Green Gold

GREEN GOLD is pure, solid, organic fertilizer made by using cow dung based slurry from biogas plant. It is produced by special dual composting techniques comprising of 1st anaerobic then aerobic digestion resulting into fully decomposed, free from harmful bacteria and fungi, weed free, uniform material. It is then fortified with various beneficial microbes like Azotobacter (Nitrogen Fixer), PSB (Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria), KMB (Potash Mobilizing Bacteria) and micronutrients.



Sporemax is a granular bio-fertilizer containing mycorrhiza fungi in powder form. It is made using all forms of mycorrhiza i.e.: ecto & endo spores, mycelium & root particle with vesicle in a single formulation.


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